• Find your new favorite restaurant

    Our list features Fresh on the Menu participants who commit to using the freshest ingredients and support the Certified SC Grown movement. Don't see your favorite restaurant? Let us know and we’ll see if we can get them to join to the program!

  • Fresh on the menu recipes

    Get a sneak peek into some of our favorite recipes from Fresh on the Menu Chefs so that you can recreate the masterpiece in your own kitchen.

  • See what’s cooking

    Our state is known for its culinary chops and the restaurants here feature many award winning chefs. Find out more about the people making your meals and in some cases, farming their own ingredients. Now that’s fresh.

  • From farm to table to tablet

    By eating at a Fresh on the Menu restaurant, you’re not only getting the freshest, best tasting food... You’re also supporting local farmers and producers. There are so many reasons to feel good about eating fresh, local food. So download the app now!

Introducing the Fresh on the Menu app. A simple, free way to find restaurants and recipes that feature South Carolina’s freshest foods.

To download simply visit this url from any mobile device.



The Fresh on the Menu app invites you to create a free account that allows you to take a tour of the tastes of South Carolina.


Once downloaded, you have the ability to save a list of restaurants you plan to visit as well as save your favorite recipes to recreate in your own kitchen.


Share your favorite Fresh on the Menu restaurants, recipes, chefs and farms with all your friends across many networks.


Locate your favorite places to eat - or find new ones to try. Each one featured uses the freshest ingredients.


Get a sneak peek into some of our favorite recipes so that you can recreate the masterpiece in your own kitchen.


They run the kitchen, they make the meals. Find out who is preparing the food that you can't get enough of.


Knowing where your food comes from is important. So here you'll find a list of the farmers who produce the goods.

Your Fresh on the Menu app makes it easy for you to find new restaurants or remember your old favorites that feature Certified SC Grown ingredients. By including local products in the meals they prepare, these restaurants are providing the freshest and healthiest options in the state. And it’s good for the economy too, because you’re helping to support our local farmers and producers. Download the app now and get a taste of what’s for dinner.

Fresh on the Menu is coming to your mobile device. Check back soon!